Bettr was birthed - A mission to solve two mains things: Firstly, to tackle the lack of simple & effective natural skincare for you. Secondly, to inspire you to be a Bettr version of yourself everyday.

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The Objective.

Bettr approached us to enhance their digital footprint and refine their online strategy. Our collaboration centered on optimizing their website structure and improving the user experience. We introduced tailored solutions, creating an efficient platform for showcasing their wide range of offerings.

Unique Problems to Solve.

Flexibility to Grow

They needed a website that was flexible enough to grow and change overtime as their company would grow and change overtime. The company also wanted to find a balance between a fun design while still having that option to grow and change in terms of design layout.

Besting the Competition

BetterCloud was also looking for an update to their company's image. Their company is smaller in comparison to their competitors so they were looking for a website that positioned them shoulder to shoulder with the ‘big guys’.

What We Did

Digital Strategy

Design and Development

Web Development

Performance Optimization



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